22. Make Ahead Stacked Salads

Try this trick for creating individually stacked salads that will please your family or guests and will to keep your last minute preparations to a minimum.

Using rocks glasses, those short, wide-mouthed glasses used for mixed drinks, put your dressing in the bottom of the glass. Stack your desired ingredients on top, uniform bits of chopped vegetables, cheese and a protein such as grilled chicken, shrimp or crab – and refrigerate the whole thing overnight.

At meal time, carefully turn out each salad onto a plate. The dressing filters down through the layers, giving each guest a salad that's beautiful but not at all soggy.


9. Shredded organic beets

8. Chopped mushrooms

7. Radish micro-greens

6. Dried cranberries

5. Crumbled blue cheese

4. Crumbled bacon

3. Shredded carrots

2. Chopped tomatoes

1. Balsamic vinaigrette

Caesar Salad

9. Chopped romaine lettuce

8. Chopped mushrooms

7. Diced prosciutto

6 Chiffonade of basil

5. Confetti of chopped peppers

4. Shaved parmesan

3. Sprouts

2. Tomato wheel

1. Caesar vinaigrette

Pasta Salad

9. Crab meat

8. Chopped pepper medley

7. Diced zucchini

6. Diced squash

5. Shredded parmesan

4. Micro-greens

3. Chiffonade of basil

2. Cooked pasta mixed with cubed tomatoes

1. Zesty Italian dressing

Asian Salad

8. Spring mix greens

7. Natural shredded coconut

6. Dried nuts and fruits

5. Chopped grilled shrimp

4. Diced mango

3. Diced cucumbers

2. Chopped Roma tomatoes

1. Ginger vinaigrette

Tex-Mex Salad

9. Spring greens mix

8. Confetti of colored peppers

7. Chopped cilantro

6. Chopped pumpkin seeds

5. Pico de gallo

4. Grilled chopped chicken

3. Shredded Colby jack cheese

2. Chopped tomatoes

1. Southwest vinaigrette


  1. This is an absolutely brilliant idea - the whole site is amazing but these salads were completely new to me. Love it!

  2. These are beautiful! I'd be tempted to leave them in the glasses and let my guests see their pretty layers before tipping onto their plates themselves. :)

  3. Love this idea. Can't wait to try it.

  4. I made these for Thanksgiving dinner, and I did serve them in the glasses since they looked so beautiful. What a timesaver at the last minute of a big meal preparation!

  5. I love this idea. I make a 7-layer salad often that looks great in a glass bowl but it's hard to impress everyone because you've got to stir it and take away from the visual appeal before someone serving themselves gets all the 'good' stuff. This is a great idea for the layered salad I make.

  6. Do you have the recipe for the southwest vinaigrette? The link doesn't work any more. These salads look wonderful! Thanks.

  7. Sorry about that.... Try this link: